Making is thinking.


OHAI, thanks for your interest. The Troubled Programmer is written by Michael Nisi, that’s me—I make software. One foot on OOP, the other on functional programming, I test my way through the troubled waters of software development.

I love Erlang, but mostly write JavaScript, and Swift to build mobile applications with iOS and Node.js.

Sing clearvoice Muse, of Hephaestus famed for skill. With bright-eyed Athena he taught men glorious crafts throughout the world—men who before used to dwell in caves in the mountains like wild beasts. But now that they have learned crafts through Hephaestus famous for his art they live a peaceful life in their own houses the whole year round.


If you need web services for your app, hit me up!

Looking forward to hear from you @michaelnisi or